Buckeyes Jared Sullinger Discloses Hate Letter

Chivalry may be dead, but racism by way of ignorance isn’t.  Ohio State freshman sensation Jared Sullinger shared a hate letter he received via some village’s idiot on twitter.

It’s a shame that in 2011 hate exists, yet alone uncalled for hate.  It’s even more of a shame that the moron who wrote this can’t spell United or Pittsburgh and uses “one” to indicate a victory…yet Sullinger and his Buckeye teammates can’t count or speak.  Here’s the letter, you be the judge:

6 thoughts on “Buckeyes Jared Sullinger Discloses Hate Letter

  • This is not news…. Move on.

  • Whatever level of education the players have I bet that they know the difference between "won" and "one" as well as "your" and "you're." I love when an idiot has the audacity to put their own ignorance on full display while throwing rocks.

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