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Carlos Boozer Almost Beat Up Prince?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
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Sort of sad that this story about Boozer getting ready to beat down Prince has more emotion to it than his play in the playoffs.

The Bulls will need him to step it up if they plan on getting to the NBA Finals, but while we are watching that drama play out, read this drama filled story about Boozer and Mr. Purple Rain.

Boozer briefly discussed his run-in with His Royal Badness himself, Prince. Back in 2006, the Bulls star agreed to let the singer rent out his LA mansion. The only problem is that Prince made himself a little too at home.

“Supposedly, Prince changed the front gate to the Prince sign, he changed the master bedroom to a hair salon, he changed the streaming blue waters that led to the front door to purple water, he knocked out walls, he changed the molding on top of the ceiling,” Boozer’s former Duke teammate and good friend Jay Williams told ESPN Radio. “Booz was livid.”

Apparently, Boozer was so mad, he considered going over there and beating Prince up. Eventually, Boozer sued him.

Jay Williams explains.

“Booz was like, ‘I was getting ready to go over there and beat this little man down.’ And dude was just like ‘Here, Boozer, here is a little check for about a million, it’ll take care of everything, get it back the way you want it.’ And Booz was like, ‘This little man is cool as hell.’”

Is this a real story?

Can someone get Prince on the line?

Am I the only one that thinks, even though Prince is 4’9″ he could beat up Carlos Boozer or at least out rebound him?

When did Boozer get a LA Mansion?

Did he rent the guest house to Morris Day?

These are questions that must be answered.

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  1. LT says:

    Sounds too much like a lost Charlie Murphy skit on Chappelle’s Show

  2. Najeh Davenpoop says:

    Game, blouses.

  3. lol did the crew knew about this? RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Carlos Boozer Almost Beat Up Prince? #themorningjones

  4. wish Chapelle was still around… a skit about Carlos Boozer getting in a fight w/ Prince would be epic

  5. “@BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Carlos Boozer Almost Beat Up Prince?”<-comedy!

  6. Y do I feel Prince wud beat down Booz? Member Prince a baller, ask Charlie Murphy lol @MECK0 @KelsiemGotEm @JamesOmar

  7. Prince would dog Carlos boozer & then make him pancakes RT @BlkSportsOnline Carlos Boozer Threatened to Beat Up Prince?

  8. G.williams says:

    Haha..yup, sounds like dave chappelle.Chharliee murphy,charlie dave n his show,funniest round!blouses,game.lmao

  9. M. Gardner says:

    Yes this is a true story. I remember reading about it in Jet magazine back when the story was current and Prince was about to be taken to court for it. I remember thinking that Boozer could probably rent the house for more money by using “Prince stayed here” as a selling point.

  10. Thank you for your great post

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