Carmelo Anthony is a One Man Team for Knicks, This Graphic Proves It


When one player is scoring 216 points and the rest of the team scores 16, that could definitely been seen as a problem.

The Knicks have foundation pieces in Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e. The problem is both Melo and Amar’e are superstars, but they aren’t in the class of the Lebrons, Kobes, Wades, Durants or even Dwight Howards of the world.

They aren’t like Lebron and Wade who can take a bunch of scrubs to an elite level.

They need another player. That player needs to be Chris Paul, if they don’t get him just look for the Knicks to be an exciting team that routinely loses in the 1st and 2nd round of the playoffs.

By the who was the guy who said the Knicks would be swept? I think it was me.


Because some people are very very slow, I know it was a type I was watching the game. How did some of you ever watch Seinfeld.


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