Charlie Villanueva Charges Cavs Bench After Fight With Ryan Hollins

There were maybe 12 people watching the Cavs vs. Pistons, but it appears a nice almost fight that went down between Pistons Charlie Villanueva and Cavs Ryan Hollins.

Here are the details.

Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins become locked up with each other on the court with 5:47 left in the game. Each raked the other across the face with his hand before the two were separated.

A few moments later, after both were ejected, Villanueva tried to get at Hollins but was wrestled toward the tunnel by Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey and head of security Jerry Hendon. As he made his way down the tunnel, Villanueva gestured toward Hollins as if challenging him to meet him in the locker room area.

According to reports by witnesses, Villanueva later raced out of the Pistons locker room and ran toward the Cavaliers locker room. At one point, he yelled, “I’m going to kill that dude.” Police eventually restrained Villanueva in a loading dock area between the locker rooms and led Villanueva back to the Pistons locker room.

I bet KG won’t say anything else to Villanueva after he reads this, then again without Kendrick Perkins protecting him Garnett has been real quiet lately.

They should have let Villanueva go, because I would be curious to see if he would have really killed Hollins, not literally murder him, but was he going to throw blows.  If that was Jerry Stackhouse I would believe Hollins life would be in danger, not sure about Villanueva.

Check out the Tweets from Cavs Insider Jason Lloyd:

Considering the state of the Cavs and Pistons I am not shocked by this. Why does this seem always to happen in Detroit?

It is Spring time, but it is still cold in the D?

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