Chris Bosh on Marriage to Adrienne Williams: “Umm I’m Not Married Yet”


I might be going out on a limb by saying denying you are married isn’t the best way to start off a marriage.  Numerous sites including TMZ got a hold of a marriage license, so unless there is another Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams in South Beach somebody is lying.

Adrienne Williams & Chris Bosh Secret Wedding Took Place Before Playoffs

Here is what Bosh had to say. reported that Heat forward Bosh, 27, married his fiancée, Adrienne Williams, 26, on April 9. The website tweeted out the news Saturday morning. A purported marriage license posted on the website says the couple was married by a member of the clergy in Miami Beach.

But when asked by a Miami Herald beat reporter if he had tied the knot, Bosh, preparing for Sunday’s game with the Philadelphia 76ers, brushed off the question, saying he was still “not yet” married.

Maybe TMZ has their information incorrect? Maybe Bosh is having second thoughts?

I will say this, if Bosh is truly married and is hiding it, wonder what else he is hiding.


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