Chris Paul: I’d Think About Signing With Bobcats Because of Michael Jordan


When I first read the quotes by Chris Paul my reaction.

Michael Jordan is a lot of these guys idols, but don’t expect any superstar team ups in Charlotte.

In an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press to promote Saturday’s Jordan Brand Classic high school basketball game in Charlotte, the New Orleans Hornets guard said signing with the Jordan-owned Charlotte Bobcats in 2012 “would definitely be something to think about.”

He probably thought about it and move on to his next thought fairly quickly.

Chris Paul and Dwight Howard (and to a lesser extent Deron Williams) are the final pieces that will shape how the NBA goes in the next five to ten years.

If Paul somehow makes his way to NYC the Knicks become a serious contender. If Howard goes to Lakers it keeps that franchise right at the top.

What if Paul and Howard team up themselves? What if Williams convinces Howard to play with Brooklyn Brawlers?

Should be interesting.


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