Dwight Freeney Settles Six Figure Lawsuit with Tracey Edmonds

Indianapolis Colts pro bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney is a little lighter in the wallet nowadays thanks to Babyface’s ex-wife Tracey Edmonds.  According to Edmonds attorney Trent Copeland, the $400,000 lawsuit Edmonds filed against Freeney for back rent of two floors in Edmonds Tower in Hollywood has been settled.  The rented floors were to be used by the six time pro bowler for his record label American Dreams.  When asked, Copeland stated that Edmonds felt vindicated that a six figure settlement was reached.

It’s become as expected as the sun setting in the west for professional athletes to start record labels once they become pros, making Freeney just one of hundreds to take this path.  Surely Freeney will know that leases are  expected to be upheld going forward.  At the very least, he’ll know that a woman who once had a man sing to the world that he’ll pay her rent expects her lessees to do the same.

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