Dwight Howard Sues Royce Reed Again, For 550k in California

I could be wrong, but doesn’t Dwight Howard have better things to worry about than trying to be a bill collector to the mother of his son?

You would think after so many years, he would stop being so petty.  I am sure when his son grows up and sees all the bickering between him and Royce, it will have an affect on him.

Granted Royce did sign the papers saying that should could not say his name or anything negative about him in public (once again petty), so she does have to deal with Dwight acting like Gloria Allred, but I just don’t see the point of Howard trying bankrupt her.

TMZ has the details.

Howard won the judgment against Royce Reed for half a mil last year because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Howard claims Reed now owes him $551,606.74 — which includes interest.  So Howard has filed papers with a California court, which could give Howard the right to go after Reed’s assets in Cali.

Good luck … our sources say , the “Basketball Wives” star has nada in California.

Howard needs to concentrate on the court, not the courtroom.  He needs to grow up and stop acting like a broken hearted 16 year old boy.

Lawsuits are not the proper way to have a healthy relationship with the mother of your child and more importantly his son.


17 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Sues Royce Reed Again, For 550k in California

  • This is the same dude who wanted to incorporate the cross into the NBA logo. Smarten up Nas indeed.

  • Why doesn’t Royce “smarten up” and keep her mouth shut….yeah maybe Dwight is being a little over sensitive but so what…this gold digging chick needs to chill the hell out and stop trying to push Dwight’s buttons…especially if it’s costing her money…I mean damn is it really worth it….and she’s probably filling their child’s head with negative talk about his father…kid’s going to need therapy to get over that stuff

    • You would think it would be simple

      Shut up and get paid but for an attention whore like herself its hard apparently.

      Dwight’s an idiot for even being in this situation in the first place but Royce isn’t much better either.

      I feel bad for their child.

  • Someone should step in and take the child away, truely neither parent is mature enough to raise their son with our without one another.

    • How is taking the child a solution to this? Is there anything that has occurred that even remotely suggests that Royce is an unfit parent.

      That has to be one of the stupidest (yeah, stupidest) things that has been said.

      • I see the point is going over your head. That is exactly what I am saying, obviously he doesn’t think she isn’t an unfit parent, but he continues to drop lawsuits, that is why it is petty.

        Pay attention next time, before saying something is stupid

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