Giants Fan in Critical Condition After Attack By Dodger Fans


Not everything was good with the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2-1 season opening win over the San Francisco Giants on Thursday. A man is in critical condition after being attacked in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the game. According to multiple reports, three fans wearing Giants gear were attacked by a pair of  unidentified men in Dodger apparel. The attackers reportedly shouted derogatory comments about the Giants as they kicked and punched the victims.

So far, the police haven’t been willing to say if drunkenness was involved in the incidents, but public intoxication has become an issue in recent years at Dodger Stadium.

In recent years, Dodger fans have earned a reputation for drunken – and sometimes violent – obnoxiousness. After the 2009 home opener, a man was stabbed several times after an argument. In 2003, a Giants fan was shot and killed after a dispute with Dodger fans in the parking lot. Beyond that, there are countless tales of fights in parking lot after ballgames. Some of it has been blamed on a lack of security and while that certainly hasn’t helped, much of it can likely be chalked up to hotheaded idiots with too much liquor running through their system.



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