Grizzlies Will have to Knock Spurs Out Early

It’s been said to beat a champ, you have to knock a champ out and that’s exactly what the Memphis Grizzlies will have to do tonight.  The Spurs haven’t won a championship since 2007, yet they possess a champion pedigree.  The chances of the young Grizzlies winning a game seven at the Alamo are bleak, therefore today must be their day.

Memphis will have to establish themselves from the jump in order to end the series tonight.  It remains to be seen how the late game heroics from the Spurs in game five will effect the young Grizzlies psyche, but it can be assumed that the Grizzlies would rather not find out in another close game.  Although it’s highly unlikely that the Grizzlies thought the Spurs would lay down and not fight for their playoff lives, game five showed them just how tough it would be.  What’s waiting for them tonight could be even tougher.  

In what proves to show how roles have reversed, it is the Grizzlies who are favored tonight.  Memphis wanted San Antonio in the first round because they thought that the Spurs offered their best chance to advance.  Tonight they’ll have to show that they can withstand the resiliency of the post season tested Spurs.