Hawks Jamal Crawford Suing Landlord Over False Dog Urine Claims


As someone who watches Judge Mathis (and Swift Justice with Nancy Grace and her Magneto hair), I am use to seeing these types of weird civil court claims.

You just don’t expect to see a NBA player going to court over something like this.  Then again it is a recession and Jamal Crawford is serious about him money.

Atlanta Hawks star Jamal Crawford is pissed at his former landlord — which is ironic, because the landlord claims Crawford’s dogs pissed all over his home — and now the two are headed for court.

Crawford has filed a lawsuit against the landlord — claiming she won’t return his $20,000 deposit on an Atlanta mansion he rented … insisting he only caused $1,700 in damage during his stay.

But according to MyFoxAtlanta.com — the landlord says she’s going EASY on the guy — because his massive doggies — 2 bull mastiffs and a rottweiler — relieved themselves all over the home … we’re talking #1s AND #2s.

In fact, the landlord claims the designer blinds are stained with dog pee … and she has to replace the carpets because the smell is unbearable. She claims the dogs also chewed up several banisters and doors … and the plumbing needs to be replaced because the sinks were clogged up with dog food.

In total, the landlord claims Crawford caused more than $28k in damages.

I find it hard to believe that a couple of dogs, even big dogs could cause that much damage. I think the landlord just doesn’t want to give the majority of his deposit back.

Most ballers would just walk away, so I give Crawford credit for fighting back.


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