Hawks Jamal Crawford Suing Landlord Over False Dog Urine Claims

As someone who watches Judge Mathis (and Swift Justice with Nancy Grace and her Magneto hair), I am use to seeing these types of weird civil court claims.

You just don’t expect to see a NBA player going to court over something like this.  Then again it is a recession and Jamal Crawford is serious about him money.

Atlanta Hawks star Jamal Crawford is pissed at his former landlord — which is ironic, because the landlord claims Crawford’s dogs pissed all over his home — and now the two are headed for court.

Crawford has filed a lawsuit against the landlord — claiming she won’t return his $20,000 deposit on an Atlanta mansion he rented … insisting he only caused $1,700 in damage during his stay.

But according to MyFoxAtlanta.com — the landlord says she’s going EASY on the guy — because his massive doggies — 2 bull mastiffs and a rottweiler — relieved themselves all over the home … we’re talking #1s AND #2s.

In fact, the landlord claims the designer blinds are stained with dog pee … and she has to replace the carpets because the smell is unbearable. She claims the dogs also chewed up several banisters and doors … and the plumbing needs to be replaced because the sinks were clogged up with dog food.

In total, the landlord claims Crawford caused more than $28k in damages.

I find it hard to believe that a couple of dogs, even big dogs could cause that much damage. I think the landlord just doesn’t want to give the majority of his deposit back.

Most ballers would just walk away, so I give Crawford credit for fighting back.

14 thoughts on “Hawks Jamal Crawford Suing Landlord Over False Dog Urine Claims

  • Cool post, We have four Bloodhounds myself.

  • JAMAL CRAWFORD IS A LIAR AND a BULLY! Trying to sue and to prey on a Single Mom trying to do the right thing for her kids!

    He VIOLATED his home rental agreement from the day he signed the rental papers and agreed to take care of her home, the agreement only allowed for one SMALL DOG, he moved in THREE HUGE DOGS. And now HE is SUING her???? LAMAR CRAWFORD IS A LIAR- HE LIED to her from the very beginning and ONLY found out about him VIOLATING the agreement when the damage had been done and she personally saw the dogs on her property. Now she is faced with THOUSANDS of dollars she does not have to fix his irresponsibility. I think he owes her way much more than the $28,000 in damages he did to her home. You are a CHEAP, irresponsible, LYING, BULLY of a Man that does not honor his commitments.

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