Ickey Woods Creator of “Ickey Shuffle” Not Impressed With Today’s TD Dances



Old people memories are a bit fuzzy at times and I think Ickey Woods wasn’t thinking clearly when he took a shot at today’s NFL players touchdown celebrations in comparison to the Ickey Shuffle.

Check out the quote courtesy of Profootballtalk.com.

“The entertainment or the things that they’re doing now is more me-oriented,” Woods told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “They’re geared more for the player than the fans. My thing was geared toward the fans. I never did it on the road. I always did it at home. It was something for our fans to enjoy, something to keep “The Jungle” rocking. Guys now, I think they’re more into me-me with the Sharpie, the cellphone.”

Considering that Woods dance is called.


I don’t think he has room to talk.  It wasn’t called the Bengals shuffle or the Jungle shuffle.  The dance didn’t feature any teammates and frequently Ickey had teammates get away from him so he could dance.  Also how much money has Woods made off the Ickey Shuffle and how much of that money has he given back to the fans?

Also it was Woods extremely huge ego after the success of the Ickey Shuffle that ended his career prematurely.

Don’t front, the Icky Shuffle was as self serving as anything Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco or Joe Horn has ever done.

Woods has put down a huge deposit on his glass mansion and has a lot of rocks in his garage.

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