Jamie Dukes: Ryan Mallet is a Caucasian Street Guy Like Eminem & Vanilla Ice


I try not to curse (David Stern will like that), an old wise drunk told me that whenever I wanted to curse to think of a more intelligent word to say.

I have tried to remember that, but as soon I saw the story on about Jamie Dukes critique of NFL Draft prospect Ryan Mallet I said loudly in the privacy of my own home.


Just read it.

“For the lack of a better phrase, he’s kind of the first — and forgive this phrase — kind of the Caucasian street guy,” Dukes said on Wednesday’s edition of Total Access. “And what I mean by that, he’s got that Eminem, slash, ya know, Vanilla Ice thing that goes on.

“I just don’t think, truthfully, people are accustomed to seeing a quarterback … having a little street in him. And I think that’s kind of unsettling.”

This is me currently.

Seriously he has a little Em and Vanilla Ice in him? What in the blue hell is Dukes saying? Actually I know what Dukes is trying to say, but was too scared to say it.

He was trying to say Mallet is hood and ghetto like every young African-American male who likes rap in his mind.  Which is an outlandish and ignorant stereotype.

If we truly live in a society that a white quarterback who is considered “urban” is cause for  a NFL draft red flag, please send me on the next ship to Pandora.

I hear outage when people typecast and stereotype Cam Newton, but I don’t hear the same outrage when Mallet is being accused of a druggie and fake gangster rapper.

I truly dislike the draft process because these kids are dissected way too much. Put on the game tape, do an assessment and make the pick.

Stop trying to be Dr. Phil and Oprah you are embarrassing yourself.


  1. Oh please, white folks were the ones labeling Mallett a "thug" on various chat sites. And your comparing a comparison in image to a character assassination by the white sports-writer. I guess you are quite brianwashed if you can't see the difference.

    By the way, where were you when the predominately white media was race-baiting Cam since he announced he was turning Pro. Don't recall you defending the many black stereotypes that was placed on him. It was only when Nolan crossed the line that writers like yourself got bent out of shape and defensive. And got the nerve to tell Moon that he isn't intitled to his feelings. Maybe it's time, as you said, to get back to fairly critiquing what these kids do on the field and leave their image off the field issues alone. Especially if you're not going to be fair about it.

    Anyway, I won't be surprised if Jamie was encouraged to make that statement in an attempt to try and even the playing field cause many felt offended by Moon's defense of Cam. It's clear to anyone who watch NFL Network who controls the direction of conversations and it's not the blacks.

  2. I dont agree with you saying NFL shouldnt disect the ins and outs on a player. These teams are making HUGE investments on these players. DOn’t you think they should know the kind of person they are investing in? I say teams do whatever it takes to uncover all the dirt. The players shouldnt have a problem if they’re getting the money.

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