Jason Richardson Played Game 5 With Stitches In His Foot

Unless your name is Emeka Okafor, you were likely amazed by Kobe Bryant’s toughness on Tuesday night. But that’s because we didn’t know about Jason Richardson. According to the Orlando Sentinel, J-Rich played Tuesday’s game five against the Atlanta Hawks with seven stitches in his foot after he stepped on some broken glass in his home.

When asked about how much it hurt, Richardson exhaled and said, “It’s tough. It hurts.”

He said he won’t miss Thursday’s Game 6, but it’s possible he could be limited in Wednesday’s practice.

“I’ll be ready to go,” Richardson said. “I’m a tough guy.”

He’s going to have to man up and give Dwight Howard some more help on Thursday otherwise he’ll have a whole summer (and possibly longer) to let that foot heal up.