Jay Cutler Speaks: “It Bothered Me People Questioned My Toughness”

It has been months since Jay Cutler “no mas” during the NFC Championship game.

While his teammates and coaches had a lot to say, Cutler decided it was best to stay silent about the entire situation as oppose to taking on the topic head on.

He finally opens up about what he thinks about people who thought he quit on his team when they needed him the most.

“I was gone, and I stayed away from it all,” Cutler said. “But I can’t say it didn’t bother me that people questioned my toughness and desire to play. I think I’ve been through a lot here in Chicago, and I would have loved to play. . . . They can think what they want.”

But as much as Cutler was bothered by critical reactions from players on the 28 teams that were watching the conference championship games at home, he was heartened by the support he got from his own team.

“Those are the guys you are with a lot of the time,” he said, “and those guys didn’t flinch. I’ve got to thank them for that . . . the guys in my locker room have my back.”

The reality of the situation is that Cutler has a bad reputation throughout the league with his peers and fans.  The reason he received very little benefit of the doubt with his injury is because of his past.

No one really knows how hurt he really was.

There was no way the Bears were going to release information saying anything other than he had a legitimate injury.  I still have my doubts, but those are just opinions.

Cutler is right, it doesn’t matter what we think, all that matter is how he bounces back next year.  I don’t feel he is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback because of his attitude, demeanor and lack of fundamentals.

We will see if he proves me wrong.

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