Jenn Sterger: Brett Favre Scandal Crushed My Media & Modeling Dreams

They call me Robstradamous for a reason.

I can predict the future. The day that Deadspin said they had “Lil Favre” pics, I said and I quote.

“Jenn Sterger better get paid, cause her media career is over.”

Some people can flip a scandal into super-stardom (see Kim Kardashian sex tape for reference), but most of the time after the 15 minutes of fame are up, they usually Fade to Turkey with Allen Iverson and his Lambo.

Jenn Sterger quite possibly had the worst lawyers and advisers ever, she never got a dime from Favre, the Jets or NFL. She never flipped the controversy into paid appearances, book deal or reality show.

Now she is salty.

Jenn Sterger’s winning physique rocketed her to national fame on Sept. 15, 2005, when a TV camera’s pan of the bleachers found her sitting pretty in a tight pair of jeans shorts, a bikini top and a cowboy hat at the Florida State-University of Miami football game.

Overnight, Sterger, now 27, gained a cult following. She decided to move to New York to pursue a career as an actress and model.

She graced both Maxim and Playboy and began her stint as a “game-day hostess” for the Jets in 2008. The job was created for Sterger and entailed wearing cleavage-baring jerseys while reporting feature spots from the sidelines.

“Everyone said Jenn was in it for the exposure and the money,” Reese said. “I thought, if she doesn’t do any interviews and take any undignified deals, she can’t be viewed like that.”

Reese said he and Sterger together turned down $300,000 worth of offers, many of which Reese ruled out because he thought they were bogus offers, or publicity stunts.

Sterger no longer wants to write the book.

She now lives in Brooklyn and has been looking for work for months.

She should have taken a few of those 300k worth of offers. She is doing an interview with Good Morning America this week, but it is too little too late.

Favre has retired and most people have moved on to other scandals.

No matter what Sterger does in the future she will always be known as the girl who had “Lil Favre” pics.

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  • I own the white version of that Solar Bears jersey! I miss the Vipers too James, I actually have a white Vipers jersey. And a Cleveland Lumberjacks jersey with the Beaver logo. Man I miss watching those IHL teams play here in Fort Wayne.

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