Jerry Rice on Cam Newton: “It Isn’t About Race it’s Accuracy”

One thing people are forgetting about this whole Cameron Newton “racial” discussion is that while it is a great debate, it is irrelevant to his draft stock.

Let’s be realistic— over the last decade, can you honestly say that any African-American quarterback draft stock has dropped dramatically because he was black?

The issue isn’t the draft stock but the perception of fans and media.  Do black quarterbacks have a shorter rope, are they judged more harshly and are fans more comfortable watching a quarterback who looks like Peyton Manning or David Garrard?

Those are valid questions. But if JaMarcus Russell can be drafted #1, I don’t think Cam Newton has to worry about his race being a factor.

Jerry Rice agrees with me.

Rice said this morning on ESPN Radio that he believes African-American quarterbacks were discriminated against in the past, but that the league has advanced beyond those days.

“I think the NFL is so much further now,” Rice said. “I don’t think race is a factor.”

“It’s going to boil down to accuracy,” Rice said. “He’s going to have to be able to drop back, plant himself and deliver that football. During his workouts the ball was a little high, all over the place.”

That pretty much says it all.  Cameron’s success in the NFL has nothing to do with black or white, stolen laptops or the fact his father is Creflo Dolla.

3rd and 10, Steelers zone blitz coming, can Cam sit in the pocket, recognize what is going on and deliver the ball accurately on an 11 yard out route?

That is all that matters.

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