Jimmer Fredette Too Famous To Attend Classes At BYU, Does Work Online

Doesn’t the BYU Honor Code value education or does it have a clause that once you become a superstar you can just stop going to class?

It isn’t unusual for kids who are going into the draft to make school secondary, but this is the great BYU where having sex and coffee is frown upon, but it is cool for Fredetter to get special treatment?

Do all of the students at BYU have the option to do all their schoolwork online?

Jimmer Fredette has stopped going to classes at Brigham Young University.

“It was getting too disruptive,” said Al Fredette, Jimmer’s father, who explained that Jimmer’s fame in Provo, Utah, has led to constant requests for autographs and photographs. “He can’t go anywhere in Provo without being recognized.”

He now does all his schoolwork online.

He maybe a superstar in Provo, but he is about to get a reality check when he gets to the NBA. You can’t jack up 30 footers on a whim and expect to stay in the league for long.

Since BYU is making special rules for him, does that mean Fredette can partake in some forbidden fruit.


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5 thoughts on “Jimmer Fredette Too Famous To Attend Classes At BYU, Does Work Online

  • uhm…Mr Littal, did you know that most universities offer online courses?? How is that a special privilege??

    • He actively left a class he was already in and allowed to do everything online.

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