Juan Manual Marquez Offered Deal to Fight Manny Pacquiao in Fall

This information first reported by Dan Rafael of ESPN.com has a domino affect on a lot of things in the world of boxing.  When I talked about this on twitter I received a ton of questions.  I will answer a few after you read the details of the offer to Marquez.

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer said Monday that Top Rank has made a formal, written offer for Marquez, the lightweight champ, to challenge Pacquiao for his welterweight title on a date to be determined in October if he defeats Mosley.

“Last Friday, April 22, Top Rank made a firm offer to Juan Manuel Marquez to fight Manny Pacquiao in October for his WBO 147-pound belt,” Schaefer said. “Part of the deal includes a rematch provision in case Marquez would win. So Pacquiao could potentially be tied up for quite awhile.”

Schaefer said the written offer to Marquez also contained financial terms, such as the guaranteed purse and the specifics of his share of the pay-per-view profits. Schaefer would not disclose those terms.

Let me address some of the questions.

  • Is Pacquiao overlooking Shane Mosley?

I wouldn’t say Pacquiao is overlooking Mosley, but definitely Top Rank doesn’t see Mosley as much of a threat and are trying to lock in another huge PPV event in 2011.

Mosley has to decide if he wants to use this as motivation or is he happy with just a nice payday.

  • What does this mean for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao?

Means that another year will pass without the mega fight everyone wants.  It is time for people to realize that Mayweather vs Pacquiao may never happen.  At some point Pacquiao will lose, Mayweather skills will fade or he will be in jail.  Spring 2012 will be the absolute last chance to see them both fight close to their primes.

  • Is Marquez still with Golden Boy and doesn’t Golden Boy and Top Rank hate each other.

Technically Marquez is a free agent, but Golden Boy has the right to match any promotional offer until early 2012.  While the two promotional companies do hate each other, I can see them dealing with each other because this by far is the biggest fight out there for both Pacquiao and Marquez.

Marquez who has been begging for a third fight with Pacquiao for years (Marquez has disputed draw and disputed loss against Pacquiao), really has no choice but to take the fight.

It isn’t the fight the general public wants to see, but it is a fight the hardcore boxing fan would be excited about.

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  • Another question:

    * How much of his own urine will Marquez drink to get ready for the fight?

    I’ll say a half a gallon……go pee pee man go….

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