Kelly Ft. Lauderdale Voted Spike TV Title of Captain Morgan Ultimate Morganette

The Captain Morgan Bracketmaster challenge was as exciting as March Madness.

It was unpredictable, down to the wire, but in the end Kelly from Ft. Lauderdale has won the title. Her coach Joshua Estrin of Examiner and Celeb Buzzz did an outstanding helping her to the title.

All the coaches did an excellent job and should be recognized.

Morganette Coach Blog URL
Jenny Hugging Harold Reynolds
Alanna Blogs with Balls
Niki Ego TV
Katie D. Gunaxin
Katie P. One Great Season
Emily Socially Superlative
Monica Brahsome
Roxanne Terez Owens
Danielle V. Brobible
Rachel Busted Coverage
Heather Don Chavez
Danielle B. Arrowhead Addict
Maya Sports Crackle Pop
Katherine Sports Hernia
Erin The Rugged
Alexis With Leather
Mary Black Sports Online
Kelly Examiner
Ashley Guyism
Erica M. Man Jr.
Tiffany Next Round
Luiza PlunderGuide
Brenda The Bachelor Guy
Jeannine Uncoached
Nicole COED Magazine
Jacquelyn Deuce of Davenport
Stephanie Hoop Doctors
Natalia Joe Sports Fan
Angie Mankind Unplugged
Erica V. Midwest Sports Fans
Hope Strait Pinkie
Yeni That Sports Babe

Congratulations once again to Kelly and all the Morganette hopefully tonight’s National Championship game will be as close as the voting for the Ultimate Morganette.