Lakers Fan Shaun Cass Who Was Punch in Jaw Might Need Plastic Surgery


Earlier today we brought you the story of Shaun Cass who claimed to be assaulted by unruly Warriors fans. Cass said his jaw was broken and that no one from the Warriors wanted to help him.

We exclusively had an opportunity to speak Shaun who says that because of the incident he is looking at some huge medical bills and is hoping that justice is served.

“I should know if i have to have this surgery that’s going to cost $10,000, says Cass. If i end up needing it which the emergency doctor told me, then I’m screwed cause i don’t have any medical insurance or anything and my jaw could be f***d up for the rest of my life.”

Cass says that both the police and Warriors didn’t cared much about his story until it made it on the local news. He is asking if you know the perpetrators who attacked him please alert the authorities immediately.


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