Lebron James Great Uncle Is Writing A Tell All Book

It seems as if Lebron James cannot catch a break when it comes to people hating him. If it’s not the city of Cleveland it’s his own family. Lebron’s great uncle is writing a somewhat tell all book about his family entitled: In Kin to the King-A Lebron James Family History.

Now the author of this book claims that the book isn’t about Lebron….so why is the title of the book all about him? Lebron’s great uncle Steven J. Nelson Sr. claims that many of Lebron’s so called “castaway relatives” are feeling overlooked. Really? So you write a book? Sounds to me as if you’re just trying to get paid off of Lebron which is probably one of the reasons why he is overlooking some of you guys.

Nelson claims that Lebron would not sign a relative’s card and initialed instead because his signature is valuable. So if Lebron wasn’t famous and he initialed a card would you still feel salty over it? Nelson also pointed out that he and his family are not opportunistic or looking for hand outs, but when you write a book and feature your famous great nephew in the title it sounds pretty opportunistic to me.

I’m not sure if Lebrons uncle is mad because he feels like Lebron is not giving him or his family the acknowledgment that he thinks they deserve or if he really just wants to document his family history. Regardless of the intention of his great uncle it’s coming across that some of his family is feeling quite bitter when it comes to Lebron.


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