Lebron’s Mom Gloria James Arrested for Assault at Fontainebleau Hotel

This isn’t Gloria James first run in with the law and probably won’t be the last.  To say she has a checkered past, would be being kind.  She has to understand that Lebron James hate him or love him is a cultural icon, as his mother getting into scuffles at the hotel, is not helping your son.

TMZ has even more details:

Hotel sources tell us … Gloria was partying at LIV nightclub with some of her girlfriends earlier in the evening … but when she tried to leave the hotel, she got into an altercation with one of the valet parking attendants.

We’re told Gloria allegedly assaulted the valet. Cops received a call about the incident at 4:47 AM. Gloria was eventually arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault. The valet was not arrested.

One of the things that I have admired about Lebron is even though his childhood because of not having his dad around and a mother who had several issues has been able to navigate his life so far with zero slip ups.

He makes some curious decisions and he says weird quotes, but Lebron has been a model citizen, if only his mom would follow his example.

And no I am not going to mention this.

Police has released a statement saying Gloria James was drunk at the time that she went Pacquiao on the valet. I don’t think I needed to put on my detective hat to realized that Gloria had been getting her drink on.

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  • I Gloria James have also decided to take my talents to south beach!

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