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Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
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Skylar Diggins is 20 years old, if she didn’t like Lil Wayne I would be surprised, but speaking selfishly I don’t want to see Skylar on Teen Moms, so maybe it would be best someone keeps her away from Weezy.

I am sure Wayne nice guy, but he has a tendency to get every woman he meets pregnant within 35 minutes (I am still very salty about Lauren London).

The tweet flirting is cute (he calls her wifey, she calls him her husband), but don’t think for a minute that Weezy isn’t plotting. I can almost guarantee you that Diggins ends up backstage of one of his concerts.

If you have never been backstage of a rap concert and I don’t mean the backstage the fans get into, I mean the real backstage it is quite a scene. It makes the King of Diamonds look like Target by comparison.

A little off topic, but what is the man law about rocking female basketball player jersey?

Skylar is getting a whole let of attention some of it unwarranted (Skylar Diggins “fake” naked pic hits the net).

Lil Wayne was in Bloomington, Indiana (not too far from Notre Dame, maybe Skylar was there?) when he broke out his wifey’s jersey.

I have to admit this is the first man I have ever seen rock a female baller’s jersey.

Heads up fellas, while Wayne maybe able to get away with it, I wouldn’t make it a trend to rock a Diggins jersey to your pick up games.


Our friend Necole Bitchie has tracked down this video of a giddy Wayne searching for Skylar Diggins in Indiana.

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  1. RT @BlkSportsOnline BSO Post: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert <~ get off her pussy Weezy damn!

  2. RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert

  3. RT @BlkSportsOnline: Pics: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert Don't get her pregnant

  4. LB says:

    Yeah lil wayne wants to tap dat sexy azz of Ms Diggins and I can't blame him….apparently she's feeling him also…well if she ends up being another one of lil weezy's baby moms it's on her….

  5. RT @BlkSportsOnline: Pics: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert Don't get her pregnant

  6. RT @JrTheStar_HU: RT @BlkSportsOnline: Pics: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert #thethirst

  7. RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert

  8. MS. Brown says:

    What the HELL! Please help me understand what the HELL she would want with that. I know looks not everything, but DAMN. Oh, he has money.

  9. tonyboy says:

    i like my guy weezy and i see nothing wrong with him fucking all the girls in USA

    why not europe and asai and africa.

    for God sake women are bitchis and the do accept that so let

    him fuck em all.

    one love my idol am ur biggest FAN IN AFRICA.

  10. tIFF::... says:

    yall some haters… omg if they feeling each oher lt them be… yall just mad he not feelin you… and she not feelin you. i bet chris brown pissed tho.. lol

  11. TSmooches88 says:

    Obviously she has talent and can play ball if she couldn't he wouldn't have her jersey on he has like 50 million other women he could be sleeping with not to say they wont be seen together. I give her props at least she got lil waynes attention. All her girlfriends are probably jealous just like the rest of u haters on this website.

  12. chey says:

    what do little wayne want with a 20 year old? yes i would say if they feeling each other than let it be but he has done so many girls wrong she is to pretty and she has a bright future for her to let lil wayne mess that up . yes i saw the game against A&M she did work but before that lil wayne was not all over that girl. she dont need to be messing with no knuckle head like him he has down many many to many girls wrong what make you think he want do her wrong. skylar diggins i love you girl but you to pretty and to intelligent to let him come into yo life. girl you have to be carefull of what you tweet now and what you do cause now every body watching you . but as i can see now you have made bright decisions dont mess up now cause of a man called lil wayne. plz dont cause believe it or not lil girls like me myself loook up to you do yo thing plz and dont worry about others:}

  13. devon-blackpride says:

    she either B datin a cracka ass white boy or dat B her cousin or somtin cuz i no she be black but her mammy iz white…but if dat white boy aint her cuz but is her BF..then lol i hope DA wayne WEEZY get dat bich..fuck dim white boys.

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