Lil Wayne Rocks a Skylar Diggins Jersey During Concert


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Skylar Diggins is 20 years old, if she didn’t like Lil Wayne I would be surprised, but speaking selfishly I don’t want to see Skylar on Teen Moms, so maybe it would be best someone keeps her away from Weezy.

I am sure Wayne nice guy, but he has a tendency to get every woman he meets pregnant within 35 minutes (I am still very salty about Lauren London).

The tweet flirting is cute (he calls her wifey, she calls him her husband), but don’t think for a minute that Weezy isn’t plotting. I can almost guarantee you that Diggins ends up backstage of one of his concerts.

If you have never been backstage of a rap concert and I don’t mean the backstage the fans get into, I mean the real backstage it is quite a scene. It makes the King of Diamonds look like Target by comparison.

A little off topic, but what is the man law about rocking female basketball player jersey?

Skylar is getting a whole let of attention some of it unwarranted (Skylar Diggins “fake” naked pic hits the net).

Lil Wayne was in Bloomington, Indiana (not too far from Notre Dame, maybe Skylar was there?) when he broke out his wifey’s jersey.

I have to admit this is the first man I have ever seen rock a female baller’s jersey.

Heads up fellas, while Wayne maybe able to get away with it, I wouldn’t make it a trend to rock a Diggins jersey to your pick up games.


Our friend Necole Bitchie has tracked down this video of a giddy Wayne searching for Skylar Diggins in Indiana.

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