Michael Strahan Buys Girlfriend Nicole Murphy a Benz SLS $185k MSRP

My friend and I were having a discussion about this.

He says like “extreme couponing” he considers this “extreme simping”. His argument is that Nicole Murphy already milked Eddie Murphy and now she is doing the same to Strahan.

He says Strahan already has been crushed in one divorce and got in trouble for putting GPS trackers on his ex-wife’s ride.  He theory is some men are born with simpish/stalkerish tendencies.

My position is if someone surprised you with a Benz male or female are you going to turn it down?

If Strahan wants to buy his lady a car, that is his business, why should we care?  We don’t know how much cash Strahan has in the bank, $185k might be like $10k to us.

The only problem as I see it, is the husky ladies may think they all deserve a Benz, but they will just be out of luck.

14 thoughts on “Michael Strahan Buys Girlfriend Nicole Murphy a Benz SLS $185k MSRP

  • I was confused by the husky comment as well. Nicole is a lot of thongs, husky is not one of them.

  • What do you mean by “husky” women? Are you speaking of women that look like dogs are large women? Regardless, no matter what many women look like, not many men can afford a car like that!

  • Regardless is the woman is ugly or not (which is what I hope you mean in lieu of size), not alot of men can afford a car like that anyway…

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