Music: Yung Berg Theme Song to Derrick Rose

This can’t be good for the Chicago Bulls.  Out of all the great rappers out of the Chi (Kanye, Common, Lupe & many more) the person who drops a dedication song to Derrick Rose and the Bulls is this guy?

Did he get his chain snatched in the process of recording the song? The Bulls are struggling a bit with the Pacers even though they are up 2-0 and they don’t need any distractions. Jocks and Stiletto Jill found the song and I am confident she could beat up Yung Berg, in six inch stilettos.

The good news is similar to all of Yung Berg music in the last few years, they don’t have to worry about this song catching on.

Yung Berg should be doing songs for the Cavaliers not the Bulls.

I am asking Common as a favor to please remix this track into something that is serviceable.

5 thoughts on “Music: Yung Berg Theme Song to Derrick Rose

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