Nike Top Shoe Designer Tinker Hatfield Prefers To Not Work With Lebron


Since The Decision, there have been more critics than before of Lebron.  Some of the criticism has been justified, some of it hasn’t.  Add Nike top shoe designer Tinker Hatfield to both of those lists.  Hatfield recently disclosed his unwillingness to work with Lebron during a store question and answer session within a Miami shoe store.

While Hatfield described Lebron as a likable guy and a person he enjoys working with, it was Lebron’s entourage he had the disdain for.  Hatfield goes as far to say that his unwillingness to put up with Lebron’s entourage has contributed to Lebron’s signature shoes not doing so well.  At the 6:10 mark, you’ll begin to hear Hatfield’s thoughts on Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo, and Lebron’s entourage:


  1. Wow at him saying that, but I guess Nike is cool with it. If Lebron wants those shoes to sell, lose the entourage and think creatively. Also, quit biting other people's style.

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