Pau Gasol Thinks Kendrick Perkins Talks Too Much

Lots of people, it seems have an opinion on Los Angeles Lakers’ center Pau Gasol. Actually, it’s the same opinion repeated by multiple people. It’s the idea that the big Spaniard is “soft”. Oklahoma City Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins was the first to offer his critique of Gasol. Not long after, New York Knicks’ forward Amare Stoudemire weighed in on the topic. Finally Gasol answered back as ESPN Los Angeles’ Arash Marakazi reported.

After an extended practice Saturday, Gasol smiled and shook his head when he was relayed Perkins’ remarks.

“Certain players talk too much from my perspective,” he said. “They should worry about their own stuff.”

I’m not sure if all this Gasol bashing is designed to try and rattle the Lakers or inflate the speakers. Regardless of how you evaluate his game, Pau Gasol was still a key piece on a back-to-back championship team, which Andrew Bynum was quick to point out. That alone makes a lot of the talk null and void.

But Perkins’ comments add a little spice to Sunday’s matchup between the teams. This Thunder team is built to threaten the Lakers in the West, something Kobe Bryant and crew are very aware of. Combine that with L.A.’s current four-game losing streak and things could get heated at Staples Center with both teams looking to prove a point.

It also throws another log on a growing playoff fire. The Lake Show has been much more verbal about their opponents this year than in recent memory. With everyone already commenting on the champ’s toughness, it could be a bumpy, physical ride through the postseason.

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  • Yeah man…enough talk…just play the game….

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