Pics: Brandon Jennings Engagement Ring to Teyana Taylor?


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I was dragged out against my will to see the new Tyler Perry movie, “Madea’s Big Happy Family”.  It was pretty awful as I expected except for a few funny moments.

One bright spot was Teyana Taylor who played Bow Wow’s baby momma.  Not that she did any acting but her screaming.


Was entertaining and is still stuck in my head days later.  Carlton Jordan caught Taylor rocking for lack of a better term a “Rock” and tried to piece to together who was the guy who possibly popped the question.

Taylor claims to be a virgin, I also claim not to like Popeyes Chicken, but I digress.  She has been linked to a few guys, specifically Brandon Jennings from the Bucks.

You know some ladies will wear an engagement ring just to wear it, either for attention or to get the thirsty brothers off them.  Either way this is something you ladies can debate over.

5 thoughts on “Pics: Brandon Jennings Engagement Ring to Teyana Taylor?

    • Brandonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn annnnnnnnnnn LMAO

  • Ms Taylor has Brandon on lock…..

  • either him or Kanye.

  • dud no one said it was an engagemnt ring my sister also has a ring that looks like that….. she got it from h&m

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