Pics: Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah Attend President Obama Fundraiser


I wonder if Noah asked Obama if he will legalize weed in the CHI?

I can guarantee you that would get Noah’s vote in the 2012 Presidential election. I would have love to have heard what Rose had to say at the podium. Rose is a MVP player, but D League public speaker.

I have caught a little flack from Bulls fans saying that I am overlooking them. That I am spending too much time on the Heat, Celtics and even Knicks.

The only reason I am not predicting them to make the NBA Finals is because as we have learned several times over the years the regular season means nothing.

I think the Bulls are certainly capable of winning the whole thing, but in the end I think they just don’t have the playoff experience to overcome a Celtics, Lakers or even Heat team.

But that is just an opinion, they can always prove me wrong.

H/T @SportsMediaWrld


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