Pics: Draya Michele on Skylar Diggins: “She Alright For a Dude in a Dress”

The reality of situation in regards to how people perceive you is sometimes dependent on the circle you run with. It is human nature.  The manager of McDonalds gets more respect than the Fry guy, but in comparison to the manager of American Express not so much.

There isn’t any question that many female basketball players are a little rough around the edges, so Skylar who is a very pretty girl is a diamond in the rough.

With that being said, there is one thing to be honest, another thing to be petty.

So when pointed out Video Model Draya Michele taking a couple of shots at Skylar via twitter what was the real motivation?

It is one thing to make a point, but when you start talking about competition in the club, that says a lot more about you than it does about Skylar.

Some guys may prefer Skylar, some may prefer Draya, the point is if you don’t want to seem envious of the attention Skylar is getting, you might want to keep comments like this to yourself.  If you really think it is just about looks in the club that makes you an attractive woman, I feel bad for you.

Once again I will point out that I hope Skylar is ready for all this backlash, because it is coming and it isn’t going to stop.

I will let my brothers make the final call.



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  • Skylar any day….any way!!!

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