Pics: Jason Richardson Didn’t Get Steve Nash’s Wife Alejandra Nash Pregnant


What have I always told you, don’t believe anything you read unless you have proof and that includes anything written by me.

I will give you evidence and my opinions, but I will never say something is confirmed or 100% without proof.

When this rumor hit the internet about Jason Richardson impregnating Steve Nash’s wife and Nash leaving his wife because the baby came out black was ridiculous.

As you know when a baby comes out sometimes it is hard to tell what is the race of the child upon first glance.

It took me one phone call to find out that there was no truth to it, so I didn’t even speak on. Unfortunately people believe everything they read, but as you can see from the picture above it is unlikely that baby was fathered by a black man.

Granted that doesn’t necessarily mean it is Steve Nash’s baby, the point is simple, unless you have some hard core proof, don’t act like you do.

We post sports entertainment stories often on BSO, but you have to do some research and some fact finding before just throwing stuff out there for page views.

Especially with kids.

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