Pics: Rasheedah Watley Accused Brandon Marshall of Domestic Violence in 08

Before we go into Miss Watley’s story, remember that Marshall was acquitted of simple battery charges against Watley.  In the eyes of the law it never happened.

But the timeline that ESPN has put together of Marshall’s run ins with the law is quite the read.  Don’t forget that Marshall was one of the main instigators in a New Year’s Eve altercation that ended up with the shooting death of teammate Darrent Williams.

It appears to be a bit of a dark cloud following Marshall. Here is just a portion of the ESPN Outside of the Lines feature on Marshall where it chronicles his shaky past going all the way back to 2004.

It seems obvious to me that Marshall needs some help.  We aren’t exactly sure what happened before he was stabbed, but his history shows that violence and bad behavior has shadowed him for years.

Unless he breaks the pattern, he is either going to end up in jail or dead.

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