Pics: Reggie Bush’s New Lady Taz’s Angel Claudia?

I had no idea what a Taz’s Angel was, so I went to Google and this is what I found out.

Gigolo Enterprises, LLC is Taz Williams’s new entertainment company. Gigolo Enterprises is based in South Beach, Florida and is the originator of music, television, movies, live entertainment and fashion projects. Currently Taz is focused on the musical group, performers, very successful event and party hosts Taz’s Angels and a line of lingerie Caviar Blaque.

Taz’s Angels are currently very busy, they’re recording a debut album and preparing to star in a reality television series filmed in South Beach. Taz’s Angels are beautiful, multicultural socialites who also host celebrity filled parties and events and are often used for the marketing of popular brands and products and charity events. Taz’s Angels will be an important part of marketing the Caviar Blaque lingerie line.

Gigolo Enterprises?

Anyway “Claudia” has been linked to Reggie Bush along with 30 other young ladies. Reggie Bush may not have live up to the expectations of being the #2 pick in the draft, but his lady selection in the female draft has been top notch.

Smartest move he made though was not marrying Kim Kardashian, he ran right to the sidelines when she tried to push that.

Here is a video of Miss Claudia.

11 thoughts on “Pics: Reggie Bush’s New Lady Taz’s Angel Claudia?

  • We're too casual with the word "socialite." Just being social, promoting parties, and not having a regular 9 to 5 can't doesn't equal "socialite." Or is that what a "socialite" is in this "new economy?"

  • Good for Reggie….

  • Nothing but a modern day whore house.

  • I've heard of the Taz Angels before while down in Miami, and most of the things people say regarding them aren't very nice. A friend of a friend of a angel told me all kinds of stories regarding they're "ghetto fabulous, whore like, materialistic, girls kissing girls, binge drinking behavior". I mean they're grown women so they can do what they do, but don't think people aren't going to have an opinion. I myself am an educated, med school grad and girls like this make me pretty upset. Not all women have such low standards, or feel the need to be half naked to make a dollar. Use your brains ladies, I know it may be more work than just letting your vag hang out…but in the long run it will do ya good. And I read on a video they're making some attempt at a lingerie line. First off, don't hate on a brand that is the #1 lingerie brand in the WORLD and has been for some time. This alone make them sound so ignorant and stupid. Take a step back and learn from that brand if anything! I mean, you sound lame for being called "Angels" in the first place(RIP OFF!) And after reading about these ladies being apart of an escort/call girl service do they really think beautiful women are going to buy they're product?? Oh yeah, I feel so sexy wearing this sexy call girl set..pssh yeah right! FLOP

  • Hey i thing that he keep on gettn this women that look just like Kim, Come on just go back to kim, and she also need to stop playing thes games all them men she has been with just use her. I love Reggie and Kim together they bring out eachother and that is something speical please stop playing with eachother feel and just get back together, that man she have now he don't want you he is just out for the fame wake up both of you life is to short…… and i don't care what these A** holes day about kim and reggie they belong together…

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