Pics: Tamia & Grant Hill at Tribeca Film Festival Screening His Documentary

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The two men who can never ever get caught cheating.

1- President Obama

2- Grant Hill

If Hill was ever caught cheating that 99.9% of athletes who do cheat goes to 100%.  That is a lot of pressure and I know what people are saying.

“But Rob would you cheat if you had Tamia?”

Ask Tony Parker does it matter what your wife looks like.

Unknown to me Hill produced a documentary and was screening it at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Phoenix Suns forward is moving into the film world. He’s executive producer for a new sports documentary, “Starting at the Finish Line,” the story of inspirational Duke track coach Al Buehler.

Buehler is a legend at Duke, where’s he coached the women’s and men’s track teams for over 55 years, including at four Olympic Games. During the era when Duke was segregated, he formed a relationship with Dr. LeRoy Walker, the African-American track coach at North Carolina Central University, a neighboring HBCU. Despite the restrictions, the two would combine to give NC Central track athletes access to Duke’s superior athletic facilities.

“It was the right story, the right time to do it,” Hill told USA Today. “I’ve always been a fan of good sports documentaries. There are great stories that can be told. But it’s one of those things. ‘Is anyone going to take you seriously? You’re just an athlete.'”

Good stuff, I like when athletes show diverse tastes.  You can only ball for so long, you need things to fall back on and I don’t mean the random strippers in their area.

By the way, Tamia is ranked highly on the female draft board.