Ray Allen has His Garden Moment

It wasn’t eight points in 8.9 seconds and probably won’t make the ESPN 40 for 40 cut in 2021, but Ray Allen’s clutch shooting stole a night that Knick fans and basketball enthusiasts alike have waited on for ten years. Allen may have shared the spotlight and box score with teammates Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce, but on this night his 32 points meant more than just another point on the scoreboard.

Allen will forever be compared to Indiana Pacer great Reggie Miller. Debates on who’s better carry on with every Allen made three pointer and Celtic game that Miller works for TNT. On basketball’s greatest stage, Miller displayed perhaps the crowning moment of his career when he scored eight points in 8.9 seconds against the New York Knicks in a 1995 semifinal game to push his Pacers to victory. The Pacers would go on to win the series, but Miller’s scoring burst would go even further in basketball history.

On a night that was supposed to mark the beginning of a Knick renaissance in the NBA and their best of seven series against the Celtics, Allen’s 8 for 11 three point shooting gave further support to those who favor Allen as opposed to Miller in the never-ending argument.

Allen consistently knocked down shot after shot usually knocking any chances of a Knick comeback down as well. This game won’t be stamped an instant classic or render any importance once the Knicks make the playoffs a couple more seasons. However, it will be remembered by Knicks fans as the night Ray Allen rained on their parade.