Rockfeller Sorel Says He’s to Traumatized to Work After Gloria James’ Slap

These stories always play out the same way.

Originally the focus is on the athlete or is this case the athlete’s mom criminal behavior.  We talk about how they could have done such a thing, what were they thinking and how this will affect them in the long run.

At first we feel sympathetic to the victim, because no one should be punched, slapped, beat down and etc.

Eventually though the victim starts to over exaggerate the severity of what happened to them for a money grab and that sympathy quickly fades away.

Rockfeller Sorel is going down that road quickly.

The valet parker who claims he was slapped in the face by LeBron James‘ mother says he is WAYYY too traumatized to return to his job at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Rockfeller Sorel tell us … R.S. has taken an extended leave of absence from his gig … and has been telling people he’s “very depressed” ever since Gloria James clocked him in the face early Thursday morning.

Rockfeller isn’t the first valet to be slapped, so I won’t be crying a river for him.  It is obvious he is going to get his check, so don’t overdo it.  You aren’t depressed, stop acting like you are on the Young and The Restless.

Go to work, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, accept whatever Lebron is going to pay you and disappear.


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  • I dont think you need to sue her you need to prey for my brother we all are brothers and sisters in christ remember that

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