Ryan Mallett Has A Message For The Team “Smart Enough” To Draft Him

Four quarterbacks went in the first round of the NFL draft, neither of them were named Ryan Mallett. Although he was passed up in the first round of the draft it doesn’t seem that Ryan is losing any confidence. Ryan had this to say about not being drafted in the first round:

Whatever team is going to be smart enough to pick me, we’re going to make something happen.” “I just want to play ball, that’s what I say. I’m not disappointed. I mean I’m disappointed, but I have a chance to play in the NFL, so I’m not too disappointed.”

It’s no secret that Ryan has a strong arm and at 6 foot 6, 238 pounds he has a NFL quarterback frame. Being a Georgia fan I had the opportunity to watch him play the last few years and I must admit that I was impressed. I’m not a NFL scout though. From what I’ve heard and read about him the things that are of concern when it comes to athletic ability are his mobility issues. So he’s not very athletic and probably won’t be out running too many defensive players. Is that a reason for his draft stock to fall as a QB?

Maybe….maybe not. If he continues to fall in the second round my guess would be that his so called character issues would be the reason. There have been unsubstantiated rumors of Ryan using marijuana and cocaine in which he has denied.  He was arrested for public intoxication, but considering some of the things that other college football players have been arrested for this is very minor. If he doesn’t have a proven record of off the field issues, athletic ability should be at the forefront.  Now I’m not sure what kind of QB Ryan will be in the NFL. What I do know that as a NCAA QB he was pretty good. This isn’t college anymore….this is the NFL and with somewhat cocky statements like the one above he’ll have a lot to live up to when it comes to whatever team is “smart enough” to draft him.