Serena Williams Bikini Booty Pics

The consensus seems to be that Serena has the best booty in women sports.  The paparazzi snaps a few pics of her chilling on the beach over the weekend.

As you know if you have followed me on twitter for awhile I think booty is overrated.  The booty sometimes has mesmerizing powers over men causing them to overlook more important physical features in my humble opinion.

I think the full body “curve” is much more important than just the big booty.

Preferably you want the “full package” or as my homie says the “5 Piece and a biscuit”.

  1. Face
  2. Booty
  3. Boobs
  4. Hips
  5. Legs

The biscuit being the “personality”.

Serena is a bit scary to me, like she might break something on you during relations and I don’t mean “lamps”, I prefer my ladies a little less brolic, but that is just me.

Everyone has their own preferences as long as it isn’t the Duke Rape Accuser, you should be cool.

8 thoughts on “Serena Williams Bikini Booty Pics

  • You'd better bring your A game when gettin twisted with Serena…I think she'll really put it down on a man…

  • You have to be on a serious workout regime before you hit that. Serena looks like she will hurt those that come unprepared.

  • I'll eat the peanuts out her do-do. Like, "what are theses cashews" LMAO!

  • If only she had a pretty face. Right now she is a head down A** up type of chick.

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