Shane Mosley: “I Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao”

One of the great things about boxing is no matter how big the mismatch seems on paper, it only takes one punch to change everything.

On the surface there is no logical reason to think that Shane Mosley will beat Manny Pacquiao.  Beyond a great performance against Antonio Margarito who had just been caught trying to load his hands with cement, Mosley has always come up a bit short in his biggest fights over the last few years.  Be it the virtual shutout by Floyd Mayweather to not being able to put away Miguel Cotto.

With that being said Mosley wants you to believe he can knock Pacquiao out.  He had an extensive interview with BoxingScene about various subjects.

The one thing he stressed is that to overlook him in this fight, would be a mistake.

I think that I am the best finisher that he’s faced. I think that he’s faced other fighters and he’s proven that he can fight his way out of trouble sometimes. But I don’t think that he’s faced anybody who is as fast as me and who actually hits as hard as I do. I think that I’m going to knock him out. I don’t know what round it’s going to be in. But it will come in the first round that I catch him squarely on the chin

I don’t disagree with Mosley statement that lately the fighters Pacquiao has been facing, have been tailored made for him. Unfortunately Mosley was chosen for those same reasons.

Many think he is too old, too gun shy and not hungry enough to cause any type of problems for Pacquiao. Most believe this is strictly a money grab for Mosley and his main goal is to come out of it with his face in tact.

Is that true? We won’t know until they get into the ring. A younger motivated Mosley would have given Pacquiao all type of problems, does Mosley have a throwback performance in him?

I don’t think he does, but only takes one punch to change a lot of opinions.

5 thoughts on “Shane Mosley: “I Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao”

  • Yeah I'm sure Mosley will knock out Pacquiao….then he'll wake up and realize he was dreaming…..

  • Sugar Shane has about as much a chance at knockin Manny out as I do at dunking…I stand a whopping 5 feet 4 inches tall. SMH

  • I still think he should have knocked out Mayweather but the fix was in! He had him on the ropes but let him off the hook.

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