Shaun King Disagrees That Jon Gruden is a Quarterback Coaching “Guru”

A few days ago we pointed out how Jon Gruden, not intentionally made Cameron Newton looked even more overdeveloped that what many people already thought.

Former Bucs Quarterback Shaun, disagrees with the premise of the Gruden being the evaluator of these young quarterbacks.

Here is what he had to say courtesy of ProFootballTalk.

King, now host of the King David Show on WQYK-AM 1010  in Tampa, won’t turn on Gruden’s program out of principle.

“I won’t watch it. I disagree with the premise of the show,” King said via  ”The premise is that Gruden is some kind of quarterbacks guru and that having him as a destination for a rookie QB is the ideal situation for a rookie and that just hasn’t proven to the case.”

King would know much more about if Gruden is a “guru” or not than I, so I will defer to him on that. With that be said Gruden now works for ESPN who wants wants us to believe that Keyshawn Johnson knows what he is talking about and Tom Jackson doesn’t still think it is 1977.

If I was an agent of quarterback, I just wouldn’t have them be evaluated by Gruden, because a lot of people are sheep and depending on his personal preference he can sway opinions.

In the end the game tape should trump everything.

4 thoughts on “Shaun King Disagrees That Jon Gruden is a Quarterback Coaching “Guru”

  • Gotta consider the source on this one. This is a quarterback that didn't develop under Gruden.

    Sounds like sour grapes. 😉

  • King might be a little sour being that he didn't really have a successful career (Brad Johnson replaced King at QB and won a superbowl in '03). But I do wonder who and why they decided that Gruden is the QB guru. Maybe using a guy like Joe Gibbs would've been more understandable considering he won 3 Superbowls with 3 different starting QBs (Theisman, Williams, and Rypien). But I guess they needed someone who coached using the West Coast offense.

  • Shaun is right on target with his critique. For all the love Gruden gets as an offensive mind and as a head coach, he's never developed a young QB as a head coach. His greatest success with QBs as a head coach has been with journeyman QBs (Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson). He does not strike me as a head coach with the patience to deal with a young QB in development. It is not surprising to see him handcuff Cam. He can handcuff a young QB with a lot, but he has not shown the ability to develop a young stud QB as the head coach of a football team.

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