Steve Nash Gets a Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj

Unfortunately for Nash, he isn’t in the playoffs or he would go for 30+ points and 15 assists like Chris Paul (Video of Chris Paul Getting Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj).  Knowing how Nash likes to party, I don’t think this is his first lap dance, but from his reaction maybe it is. Vince Carter even made fun of him on Twitter.


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It might be Nash’s first lap dance from a female rapper in a colored Marge Simpson wig. He actually had the same look on his face that Chris Webber had when he called the “Timeout” at Michigan or the look that DJ Mister Cee had when the cops banged on his window while he was “talking” Vera De Milo.

Nash has had to deal with a lot of rumors about his personal life lately. I’m glad to see him out having fun, even though I am sure now people will say he got Nicki Minaj pregnant—because that is how the Internet works these days.

Pimp on Steve, Pimp on.

Different angle video:

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