The Price of Fame: Skylar Diggins Exposed With Naked Pic?


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I was concerned about this from the moment I found out who Skylar Diggins was.

In 2011 instant fame comes with a price.  When you go from a relatively unknown woman’s basketball player to a superstar who is now the face of Women’s Basketball, in a matter of weeks there are always consequences.  It is like winning the lottery, yes you go the money but now comes the problems.

Everything won’t be peaches and berries, if there is any skeletons in your closet people will find.  Even if there isn’t any skeletons in the closet people will put bones in the closet, then open it up and say they found a skeleton.

I doubt this naked pic floating around twitter via @iRoastNi**as is Skylar, we now know that it isn’t (click here to see the porn star in question NSFW).  Skylar for her part debunked the pic pretty quickly.


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She is a 20 year old college student, can she handle all this attention, good, bad and ugly?  Will she be able to handle the fact that as quickly as people build you up they will be itching to bring you down.

The example of this happening to athletes are numerous and I hope it doesn’t happened to her, but as a wise person told me nothing in life is free and everything comes with a price.

Even popularity.

Good luck Skylar.


Real nude photos of Skylar Diggins have been leaked.

Alleged Skylar Diggins Naked Photos Hit the Net (Video)

25 thoughts on “The Price of Fame: Skylar Diggins Exposed With Naked Pic?

  • It so sad that our young ppl have to whore themselves out, but sorry Rob, I saw the pics and it's ole girl!

  • I saw the pictures and even though the faces look very similar, the nude picture isn't Skylar. The facial structure is different. I also think the noses might be different as well.

    It's sad someone had to post a picture claiming of her to be nude and in a provocative position after all she has achieved.

  • thats her my dude…oh well.

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