Topless Naked Amber Rose Pics Surface in Barbados

People have asked my why I am posting Amber’s pics lately, it isn’t rocket science or anything.

First time they were posted it almost crashed the site, so I assume that you guys like critiquing them and since I am the People’s Journalist, I give the people what they want and they want this.

NSFW Two Topless Pics of Amber Rose



Plus she is dating Wiz Khalifa who did the song “Black and Yellow” which was the unofficial Steelers theme song, so there is your sports angle.

People have been getting on her for putting on a couple of pounds, I think she looks outstanding, personally I don’t want an Ironing Board built lady, but that is just me.

8 thoughts on “Topless Naked Amber Rose Pics Surface in Barbados

  • she alright, i guess she fine ,im not blown away,by these pics..but thanks for posting them good lookin out!…….since i cant touch her she look better dressed up

  • Common people whats the big deal with this chick,i guarantee,i can walk right now to 125th and broadway and i will fine a chick better than her,This girl is not that cute,whats all the noise about really.

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