Titans Kenny Britt Involved in High Speed Chase With Cops


What is wrong with Kenny Britt?

He can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Fights at the club, facebook wars with baby momma, traffic warrants and now he wants to play GTA with real cops.  I know it is a lockout and what not, but calm down.

Police in Bayonne, NJ tell TMZ they attempted to pull over Kenny — a former 1st round pick and Rutgers star — for speeding around 4:30PM on Tuesday, but he allegedly hit the gas and kicked off the chase.

Bayonne PD says after a few miles, Kenny just stopped and he and his passenger attempted to walk away from the car. During questioning, officers say the passenger tried to bolt on foot — FAIL. Officers arrested him for alleged possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

Kenny was arrested and booked for 2nd degree eluding and obstruction — cops say he lied about owning and driving the car … a 2010 navy blue Porsche Panamera S which was impounded.

Rolling in the Porsche, but can’t pay child support, sounds about right.

Why do I believe that the weed wasn’t just his friend’s stash?  He has a good friend to take the fall for him allegedly.   Plus everyone knows when you have weed in the ride you drive the speed limit especially if you are in a Porsche.



  1. "Bayonne PD says after a few miles, Kenny just stopped and he and his passenger attempted to walk away from the car."

    Bwahahahahahaha!!! Who does that?!

  2. Funny how blog sites think they know everything and only report the HALF……. Hiding behind words on a computer because we all know NOTHING would be said in person to the people yall talk about. Before you judge anothers life make sure YO ish straight. Lets reverse the news and report the REPORTERS life and lets see how that work out….

    P.S. I take that back, don't nobody even know you so WHY would they care…. LMAO

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