Video: Chris Paul Would Hit His Mom On Court & Pauses Trevor Ariza


We have a couple of things going on here after the Hornets Game 4 win over the Lakers.

First we find out that even on Easter, Chris Paul would hit his momma if she was trying to guard and/or punk him on the court.  Interestingly Lebron James said he wanted no part of his mom in the post.

We also found out that Paul doesn’t like when men come up from behind and pick him up, as he “pauses” teammate Trevor Ariza for being a bit too touch.

This would be the time that I would make a Chris Bosh joke, but I don’t want to be fined 100k by David Stern.

If you are the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic or even Los Angeles Lakers, you need to make a strong push for CP3 in the summer. You put him on a good team he will make it great, you put him on a great team and you will be competing for NBA Championships.

Knicks fan would be willing to trade Spike Lee currently for Paul.


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