Video: Jalen Rose in Cop Car “Am I Getting Arrested?”

Are you ever curious how some videos from the cops are “leaked” and while other cases it is like pulling teeth to get information?  TMZ has obtained footage not just of ESPN’s Jalen Rose failed field sobriety tests, but also video of him in the cop car.

I don’t know if any of Rose’s rights are being violated by this (I thought you have to sign a release to have this footage made public), but it definitely is not showing him in the best light.

Here is the transcript of what happened in the cop car.

Jalen: “So what are we doing right now?”
Cop: “We’re gonna go to the police station right now.”
Jalen: “To do what?”
Cop: “You’re under arrest.”
Jalen: “For what, sir?”
Cop: “For drunk driving.”
Jalen: “But I wasn’t really drinking.”
Cop: “Um, okay.”

You don’t have to be an investigator to see that Rose was a bit tipsy and he is lucky the accident that he got into didn’t cause much damage to himself or anyone else.

The good news for Rose is that he is back on ESPN after a brief suspension (he was desperately needed) and hopefully he has learned a lesson.

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