Video: Kobe Calls Ref Bennie Adams a Gay Slur After Technical?


The players want NBA officials to treat them with respect, so in turn should treat officials with respect. Kobe Bryant gets a lot of rope because he is Kobe Bryant, but he crosses the line here.

The truth of the matter is Kobe like most star players whine and complain way too much to the officials. They never commit a foul and they always are fouled.

Granted a lot of the technical fouls they receive are borderline at best and the a lot of NBA officials are on an ego trip, but you can’t be using this type of language if you are Kobe Bryant.

Here is what went down last night while the Lakers beat the Spurs “B” team.

Apparently Kobe was upset with his fourth foul call during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs, and when he complained to the ref about what he deemed a bad call, Bryant got T’d up. So Phil Jackson made him take a seat, and rightly so, seeing that Kobe picked up his fourth foul with about six minutes left in the third quarter.

The TNT cameraman followed Kobe to the bench, where he threw a towel in disgust, before calling out to someone on the floor, and then dropping the gay slur…with the camera still squarely focused on Bryant. You don’t have to be an expert lip reader to realize exactly what Kobe had said, which will make it all the more difficult for the Lakers guard to deny, deny, deny.

This isn’t unusual, but you have to be aware that the camera is always on you. If you are Kobe Bryant especially, you can’t get away with that.

Kobe is probably the most intense basketball player on the planet, but sometimes that temper gets the best of him. Angry Kobe has to be under control, it is when he loses control he goes into gunner mode and that isn’t beneficial for the Lakers.



    • Right because that is exactly the same situation. Get serious. You can't justify the rapist's actions. He is a spoiled athlete that is emotionally immature and this is just one more example of it. He may be a good basketball player but as a human being, he is an embarrassment.

      Also, a second wrong (as you mentioned) doesn't make Kobe's original action okay. Let's also not forget that there will be some gay kids who will get picked on a little more because of this crap by other kids who think Kobe is cool. Let's also not ever pretend that blacks and gays are on equal footing. You ask most blacks right now (or pretty much anyone else) whether they would rather be a straight black or a white gay guy and they will all say straight black.

        • Deflect all you want, but smart people won't be fooled. Even Kobe knows he screwed up. The fact is I don't even care about Kobe. However, I do know his actions (along with others) help contribute to hurting other kids and no man should be okay with that.

          • Kobe is now giving a legitimate apology on the radio. Hopefully, his comments will get the appropriate air play. I personally didn't care for the 100K fine as I think that is a typical Stern overreach.

    • Pul-eeze. If Lebron had said this mess back when he was the Golden Child in Cleveland before he just became a child in Miami, he would have gotten off scott-free. And I seriously doubt that any kid who thinks the world of Kobe is suddenly going to start gay-bashing. Kids that do that don't have the morals not to do that anyways and will follow like sheep whatever anyone else does anyways. In fact, I'd argue that grownups would be more inclined to do it than kids simply because it's in kids nature to love until they're taught to hate (usually by adults).

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