Video: Lakers Andrew Bynum Hurts Knee Again

Jim Rome said it best on twitter, if they Lakers didn’t go into a funk at the end of the season it is quite possible that Bynum would have been resting on the bench.

Instead Bynum tweaks his knee again.

Don’t know how bad it is until he has the MRI tomorrow. Whereas Bynum isn’t the #1 reason why the Lakers win or lose, it is definitely easier for them when he is in the lineup.

While I think Bynum is a very good player, his injury woes were the one reason why I said the Lakers should have seriously considered trading for Carmelo Anthony.

Hopefully it isn’t anything serious, because it could put the three peat in jeopardy.

It got me to thinking which athletes had the worst knees of all time.

1- Joe Namath knees are just disgusting looking these days.

2- Greg Oden has the knees of a 73 year old man, might be his actual age.

3- Gayle Sayers career was cut short because his knees wouldn’t allow it.

4- Terrell Davis is Gayle Sayers light.

5- Kirk Gibson proved in baseball it doesn’t matter if you run like Betty White as long as you can swing the bat.

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